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I almost did it. You can almost do it, too!"

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Doctor Leeds Selection Of Popular Epic Recitations For Minstrel and Stage Use

A rare collection of story - poems recited by traveling minstrels in the Saloons of the Old Wild West. 

"The Face On The Bar Room Floor" is included but there are 195 other great poems. 

If you like Kipling and Service, you'll love these old time story-poems!

Christmas Tails
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Christmas Tails

A real treasure for the young.  This story was actually recorded by the great actor, Orson Welles, to encourage the author to produce it as an animated feature. 

Now we have published it with the rich illustrations by artist Ken Stetz.

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This is an intriguing story about a General Motors executive who gave up his career in order to change the way pets are cared for in commercial boarding kennels. 

In 1972 he borrowed 1.25 Million Dollars and built the world's first hotel for animals. 

With brass beds, television sets, telephones, and ice cream parfaits for the pets it became the most successful boarding facility in the world.


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This is the true story of a man who became a Knight Errant at the age of 10 and lived accordingly.
  • Following Pearl Harbor, at age 15, he became a regular blood donor for the Red Cross.
  • At 16, he joined the Civil Air Patrol and made over 100 parachute jumps at Bond Rallies and Army Recruiting Drives. He once fell 7,000 feet without a working parachute and lived.
  • At 17 he served in the U.S. Air Cadet Program and in the South Pacific in the Merchant Marines.
  • At 18 he served in the U.S. Army Air Force.
  • After an honorable discharge in 1945:
    • He volunteered in Africa in 1946 and ended up in an African condemned prison.
    • He volunteered to fight for Chiang Kai-Shek in China and almost lost his life.
    • He volunteered to fight in Israel in 1948. (Trained and commanded Israel's first airborne brigade.)
    • His plane was shot down after violating Albanian air space and he walked away unharmed.
    • He spent three months with the Czech Special Forces.
    • Returning to America he earned a BA and MBA from Wayne State University.
    • He taught Graduate School at Wayne State University.
    • He taught Undergraduate School at Harper College.
    • He spent 17 years with General Motors and was director of Industrial engineering with the Chevrolet Motor Division at the time he resigned.
    • In 1972 he built the world's first pet motel, American Pet Motels, and served as President for twenty-seven years.
    • He became a business partner with Ray Kroc, founder of McDonalds Hamburgers.
    • He was partner with the famous actor and director, Orson Welles, in production of a movie of his book, CHRISTMAS TAILS. (Movie rights sold to Drac Studios in 2009.)
    • The movie rights to his book, ALL THE COMFORTS OF HOME, were sold in December, 2008 to Green Pictures Company.
    • He has edited one book of poetry, co-authored one motivational book with Donald M. Dibble, and is now completing his sixth book, THE LAST KNIGHTS ERRANT.
    • In 2008, at the age of 81, Leeds volunteered to serve with the U.S. Army in Iraq. On his 65th mission, at age 82, his Stryker vehicle was struck by an RKPG, severely wounding him and several of his crew. He was the oldest U.S. warrior to serve in the Iraqi war. He returned to America on April 25th to undergo medical treatment and to complete his autobiography.

"THE LAST KNIGHTS ERRANT" is his autobiography and is scheduled for publication later this year.



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