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It would be hard to imagine a year without Christmas - 
But it did almost happen

In the charming verses and illustrations of this book the author proclaims the virtues of loyal friendship; our responsibilities to the world we share, and to the animals who share this planet with us.

There are no villains, no violence, no treachery, and no terror; only a tale of love and compassion.

It is the story of an old man and his dog. It is the story of Santa Claus and his old mongrel dog, Snuggles.

What would happen if Santa's reindeer became ill one year and Santa had no one to pull his sleigh?

In this tale, Snuggles, his old dog, volunteers to help pull the sleigh and Santa derides him for his frailties. Even worse, when a group of pure bred dogs volunteer to help Santa, he refuses to let his own hound join the others.


"His color's a rainbow,
               His ears reach the ground.
He lacks the fine points
            Of the registered hound.
        With a nose too far forward -
              And a tail too far behind -
He just wouldn't fit in
             With the registered kind."

Santa is reminded that he was not judged by the volunteering dogs and in the end he apologizes with a stirring tribute to our four-legged friends and in conclusion reminds all of us:

"Why, it isn't the color
          Of the hair or the eyes,
                It's the things that you don't see,
              It's the greatness inside!"

When the great actor, Orson Welles, read this story, he recorded the narrative in a studio for an animated sound track and sent it to the author without any charge, but with a request that it be made into an animated film for everyone to see.

A beautifully scripted and illustrated parable of an old man and his dog.  .  .  Santa Claus and his old mongrel hound. Originally illustrated with cartoon characters, the new edition has realistic graphic illustrations and the story has been modified to substitute phrases  more familiar to today’s youth.

            This is the story Orson Welles wanted to have produced as an animated film but the project was abandoned when he died shortly after recording the sound track. No villains. No treachery. No violence. It is timeless and extremely relevant to today’s events. “A Christmas Classic”.



 “Readers will marvel at the joy imparted by, and the lessons learned, from the pages of what will undoubtedly become a Christmas Classic.”

John Scott Cooper,
Waycross Journal-Herald

 “It’s not too soon to start stocking up some books for Christmas and you should begin with a delightful new story, CHRISTMAS TAILS.”

Alan Caruba, BookViews

“Children and parents alike will find a lesson in the virtues of friendship and compassion among this holiday treat.”

Sharon Galligar Chance, BookBrowser Review

  “Splendiferous full-color illustrations and gently illuminating verses make this tale of Christmas a rare delight.” 

The Book Reader

 From the virtues of loyalty to responsibilities to others, this holds many messages and will be a picture book the entire family can share.

James A. Cox,
Midwest Book Review

“What a wonderful story.” 

Rebecca Redelsheimer, 
The Reader’s Loft

  Distributed Directly By Epic Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN 0-9674025-7-3
ISBN 078-0-9674025-7-4
55 Pages

Hardcover Edition  
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