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This anthology represents a 52-year collection
of the story-poems that traveling minstrels recited
on the kerosene-lit, wood-planked stages of our old
Wild West Saloons  

The majority have not been published in the past 100-years and many are “Author Unknown” poems.

This is not the kind of poetry they teach in school, but they are the kind of poems that people read, 
memorized, and recited to their friends and family for years to come.

The editor came by these poems
in the most unlikely places

He dropped out of school and went to sea when he was sixteen years of age. 

After serving in the Merchant Marines and as a U.S. Army Air Cadet during WW II, he left America to spend seven years traveling around the world.  

In ships engine rooms, in barracks, around campfires in Africa’s remote jungles, and in jails and prisons, 
he heard men of dubious literary credentials recite the poems you will find in this entertaining volume. 


Again, these are not the poems they taught you in school. 

You will not have to search for cryptic meanings or suffer the tyranny and intimidation of the literary elite.

These are the poems of the common man. They were not written for critical acclaim.  They were written to tell a story.  They were written to be enjoyed!  

Preview any of the underlined examples below
before your purchase

   A Chip On His Shoulder 
A Dog Was Born
A Farewell 
A Gift And A Present
A Little Angel 
A Matter Of Business
A Metaphysical Dilemma 
A Rustic Convert
A Smile 
A Story Of St. Peter
A Tale Of Conscious Virtue
A Thankful Parson 
A Yallar Dog’s Love For a Negro
Abdullah Bulbul Amir or Ivan Petrofsky Skovar 
All Of One Size
Always Finish 
An Elegy On The Death Of A Mad Dog
An Old Sweetheart Of Mine 
An Outcast Even In Hell
Annabel Lee 
Are Ya Really A Genuine Member?
As My Uncle Used To Say 
Ballad Of Christmas Present
Barbara Frietchie 
Breathes There A Man With Soul So Dead 
The Bridge Builder
Buying Loyalty 
Casey At The Bat 
Casey’s Revenge
Casey-Twenty Years Later 
Casey’s Tabble D’Hote
Christmas Tails 
College Revisited
Courting In Kentucky 
The Cremation Of Sam McGee
Dogs For Disposal
Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
  Epitaph To A Crow 
Epitaph To A Dog 
The Face On the Bar Room Floor
Father’s Way 
General Delivery
, Alaska! 
Guilty Or Not Guilty 
Gunga Din
Hell In Texas 
He’s Just A Dog
High Flight 
Honest Confessions
Horse Sense 
How Do I  Love Thee
How Much Do I Love You 
How Paddy Stole The Rope
How Salvator Won 
I Am The Tears
I Had But Fifty Cents 
I Pity The Man
I Remember Christmas 
I Shall Not Pass This Way Again
I’ll Return 
Jealous Of You
Jim Bludso
Just Dogs 
The Legend Of the Organ Builder
Let Us Smile
Light Shining Out Of Darkness 
Little Breeches
Little Lost Pup 
Little Meg And I
Malice Aforethought
Ma’s Old Galvanized Washtub
The Man He Killed

Mr. Bones 
Mr. McJones
My Dog
My Malamute Dog 
My Sweetheart Of Long Ago

Nature Calling 
Never Spend The Principal
O Captain! My Captain

Old Ironsides 
Old John Henry
On Buying A Dog 
One Fingered Jake
‘Ostler Joe 
Our Lips And Ears
Our Two Opinions
Outside Are Dogs 

Parson Snow’s Hint 
Paul Revere’s Ride
Paw Marks 
Pity The Man
Poor Husband When His Wife’s Away
Prison Walls 
Sam The Clam’s Disco
The Sausage Colored Dog
She Is More To Be Pitied Than Censured 
Sleepin’ At The Foot O’ The Bed
 Strive On
That Cocker Spaniel Mutt 
That Queen
The Ace In The Hole 
The Ballad of Me And Sourdough Dan
The Ballad Of Reading Gaol 
The Betrothed
The Charge Of The Light Brigade 
The Clink Of the Ice
The Countersign Was “Mary” 
The Covered Bridge
The Dancer 
The Deacon’s Masterpiece
The Defective Mirror 
The Dog That Went To Church
The Duel 
The Fastest Goat Alive
The Female Of The Species 
The Girl In The Blue Velvet Band
The Great Provider 
The Harpy
The Hell Bound Train 
The Homecoming 
The Indian Burying Ground 
The Jumblies
The Last Of The Light Brigade  
The Level And The Square
The Little Dog Angel  
The Maid
The Man In The Glass 
The Men That Don’t Fit In
The Mills Of The Gods 
The New Dog
The Nuisance 
The Old Stage Queen
The Oyster’s Lesson 
The Particular Pig 
The Politician 
The Popular Song
The Post That Fitted 
The Power Of The Dog
The Preacher’s Mistake 
The Preacher’s Vacation
The Purple Cow 
The Raven
The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner The Road To Vagabondia 
The Rodeo Clown 
The Ruined Maid
The Sea Wife 
The Shooting Of Dan McGrew
The Sigh 
The Soldier
The Tone Of Your Voice 
The Village Blacksmith
The Walrus And The Carpenter 
The Woman’s Resolution
The Worldly Way 
The Yarn Of The Nancy Bell
The Young British Soldier 
They Were Mixed
To A Little Pal 
To Althea From Prison
Trouble In Amen Corner
Turn About 
Two Sinners
The Vagabond And His Dog
Vanity, Vanity 
The Volunteer Organist
Waiting At The Ferry 
Wanted-A Minister’s Wife
What To Do With A Watermelon When I Was One-And-Twenty 
When Lovely Woman Stoops To Folly 
Whispering Bill
Who Shared Her View 
Without A Dog
Wit’s End 

ISBN 0-9674025-0-6
ISBN 078-0-9674025-7-4
332 Pages

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